E-commerce Transport and Delivery Satisfaction Manager

Praha, Backoffice

Co ti bude dělat radost?

As digital sale in Czech Republic is growing year by year, starting from 157.000 orders in 2018 and reaching even 600.000 expected orders by the end of 2020, we need to search for more e‑commerce specialists, online project leaders and managers to follow the speed and adjust our growth to the fast changing online sales market and e‑commerce environment. The coming years we have the ambition to continue to grow even further and provide a high quality of services and solutions toward our users in the Czech republic. Currently in ONLINE TEAM we are :

100 teammates in the Logistic e‑commerce department (warehouse, CAR Gliwice, POLAND)

10 teammates in Customer Happiness Center (customer service, PRAGUE)

22 teammates in Omnicommerce team (back office, PRAGUE)

Co od tebe očekáváme?

We search for a team player who is well organized, autonomous and strategy oriented ! Project manager who set ambitious goals, has good communication skills and natural ability to give sense and direction to actions, as he will cooperate with commercial, logistics and customer service teams in his daily job.

  • passionate about transport and logistics
  • strategical mindset and adaptability
  • analytical skills and excel skills
  • well organised and self motivated
  • strong communicator
  • high level of demand
  • sport enthusiast

Co za to získáš?

The role of Transport and Delivery Satisfaction Manager will be to manage and develop delivery methods by quality, time and costs optimization. He/She will be also responsible to define future goals and implement new delivery and pick‑up solutions to meet online business growth and customer needs. As delivery is a service that has a direct impact on customer satisfaction, thus manager of this field should regularly gather and interpret feedback from customers to be able to develop service and create an amazing customer experience!

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